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Why Paper Straws Are NOT The Answer

Here's What The Press Has To Say...

  • Paper straws are easy to bite through and often turn to mush long before you’ve reached the bottom of the drinking receptacle. If you’ve ever used one, you know how quickly you need to drink in order to preempt the inevitable sog. And paper straws, although recyclable, are still an expendable object. - National Post
  • Ban plastic straws. Just don’t use paper ones, because they’re awful. - Quartzy
  • McDonald’s restaurants in Europe are now serving paper straws to customers to avoid using plastic — but those paper straws are unable to be recycled. -
  • Paper straws are still a single-use, disposable consumer item—a greener option, but not a green one. Making a paper straw requires growing a tree, cutting it down, and pulping and pressing it into a tube. Manufacturers then use fossil fuels to ship the straws to stores and cafés. Many paper straws on the market are not even compostable or recyclable, as promised. - The Atlantic
Using Paper Straws In Your Restaurant Has The Same Effect On Your Customers As If You Used
Instant Mashed Potatoes For Your Food Dishes Or Powdered Milk For Your Drinks 

It Can Hurt Your Reputation As A Fine Restaurant.

Rice Straws

Can Be Unsuitable for Carbonated Drinks

For some reason, carbonated drinks have a reaction to rice straws causing the straw to quickly disintagrate.

What About Compostable Plastic Straws

What about compostable plastic straws?

Compostable plastic straws will only break down if they end up in an industrial composing facility, so they will not break down if they are thrown in the garbage or recycling.  

What happens if the compostable plastic is composted?

Even if it was composted properly, it just breaks down into smaller plastic particles which contaminate our ground water and leads to further health problems.

Planetkitchen SUPERSTRAW

For a Great Customer Experience

  • Lasts over 1 hour in cold drinks
  • Made from apple pomace and grain
  • 100% Vegan
  • Great tasting
  • Edible
  • Completely biodegradable

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are banned by the EU

The EU government has banned the 10 most common forms of plastic pollution on beaches and oceans. Canada is on track to implement a similar ban on single-use plastics. Here are the products under the current ban.

Plastic straws
Single-use plastic plates
Single-use cutlery
Plastic cotton bud sticks
Plastic balloon sticks
Oxo-degradable plastics and food containers and polystyrene cups

Why those products?

The products on the banned list make up more than 70% of marine garbage.

When is Canada implementing the ban?

The government is planning on having the ban in place by 2021.  However many municipalities have already implemented this ban. 

Plastic straws have the current focus with more than 57 million plastic straws a day being used in Canada.

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