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The Problem With Paper Straws
Paper straws leave a bad taste in your mouth and the good taste of your beverage is destroyed by the paper straw taste.

Paper straws becomes soggy within a very short period of time.

The paper straws uses glue to bind the paper together as well as coatings and dyes which have unknown
health impacts.

Some Hard Truths About PLA (Bioplastics)
Certified biodegradable plastics will  not sufficiently biodegrade in existing  commercial composting or digestion  facilities, let alone in the natural  environment of land or oceans.  (National zero waste council)

PLA will survive over a year in seawater and freshwater without breaking down.  (

PLA requires a very specific  environment for composting in an  industrial compost facility. It needs  to be heated to 140 degrees  Fahrenheight and fed a steady diet  of digestive microbes.  (

PLA is not accepted by most  municipal, and some commercial  composting programs in Canada.  Meaning the waste is often sent to  landfill where they can take more  than a century to breakdown.  (

If you put PLA into a landfill  that has little light and oxygen, it can take over 100  years to decompose. (Oceansasia)

Don’t put compostable plastics in  the greenbin”. Very few facilities  meet the temperature and  bacterial requirements needed to  break down the PLA. (

The Solution - Planetkitchen's Home Compostable Straws And Cutlery
Our products are home compostable and break down to only H2O, CO2 and nutrients. We found the answerin agricultural waste such as sugarcane fibers and coffee grounds, these dregs later became our sustainable biomass materials and they are ethically sourced from farmers, coffee businesses and processing plants. 

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How are home compostable straws better than paper straws?

Our home compostable sugarcane and coffee straws do not become soggy like paper straws, they have a smooth texture, and will not impart any paper taste or flavour. Our straws do not have any coatings and we do not use any dyes — which are common characteristics in paper straws.


What about compostable plastic PLA straws?

Compostable plastic straws will only break down if they end up in an industrial composing facility, so they will not break down if they are thrown in the garbage or recycling. Unfortunately many restaurants and bars do not have proper composting facilities and the straws are thrown in the garbage. Even if the compostable straws were composted properly, they just break down into smaller plastic particles which contaminate our ground water and leads to further health problems.

How should I dispose of the home compostable straws and cutlery?

To ensure quick and maximum degradation, we recommend our straws be collected in
composting bins and sent to composting facilities where they will quickly degrade into
nutrient-rich organic materials. If no commercial composting bins are available at your location, our straws are home compostable but will take longer to degrade fully.


When is Canada implementing the ban on single-use plastics?

The government is planning on having the ban in place by 2021. However many municipalities have already implemented this ban.  At the time of the ban 57 million plastic straws were being used every day in Canada.


Are your home compostable products reusable?

Our home compostable products can be reused several times if properly cleaned and stored, though they are intended to be a one-time use product.


What are the home compostable sugarcane and coffee straws made from?

Our home compostable sugarcane and coffee straws are made of upcycled sugarcane fibers (bagasse)/coffee grounds and binders which are derived from citric acid.

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